Local Lemons?!

Hi there!  I’m pleased to announce that we finally found some beautiful local lemons hiding under the Winfield Farm tent at the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market.  Yaaay, Winfield Farm!  Soooo, of course we had to bring Ginger/Lemon/Pink Himalayan Sea Salt this weekend.  Tagging along happily will be Just Dark and Bee Pollen.  I also had a special … Continue reading Local Lemons?!

The Rodrick

This week we’ll be bringing Just Dark, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt/Cayenne, and a new flavor, inspired by a dear friend and avid Crubom-eater from Buddha’s Brew Kombucha…the Rodrick.  The Rodrick is what you would get if Crispy Dark and Peppermint had babies.  But on this one, the crispy rice is cacao vegan sprouted brown rice.  … Continue reading The Rodrick