The Chocolate

4 thoughts on “The Chocolate”

  1. Weena. It was great meeting you and Tim at Picnik Austin. Once I get an approval from the founder, I will send you the invitation. The founder of Paleo f(x) loves your chocolate bar. Truly yours, Rick Hamilton


  2. I…….we love your chocolate! Bought a weck jar full of that yummy goodness, and my daughter ate it all! We will be returning to mueller farmers market tomorrow to buy 2 more! I told my friend about cru bom, and she is hooked too!


    1. Shiela!

      So sorry of the late reply to this. For some reason my comment notifications weren’t getting to me. I hope you saw that although we’re not at Mueller anymore, we are at Barton Creek Farmer’s Market, and since it sounds like you’re in East Austin, you can also pick up our jars at Tiny Taiga. Thanks so much of your kind comment.



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