Where are you, Crubom?

We’re here, I swear! In the last two months, our loyal customers may have felt our absence at Barton Creek. For good reason, though. Really. We just added a second pouco de bom (little good) to our family: Rowan Jessica Hedrick. This little girl has kept us very busy with snuggles. Unfortunately, said snuggle-demand makes … Continue reading Where are you, Crubom?

Raw Chocolate Learnshop!

Crubommers! This Sunday Tim and I will be partnering with Austin Learnshop and Dominican Joe’s to teach raw chocolate-making. I couldn’t be more excited to spread the word. If you have any interest, here are the links for tickets and further info: http://www.austinlearnshop.com/raw-chocolate-learnshop/ https://www.facebook.com/events/574963942680244/ Again, that’s this Sunday, Feb 28th. The event will be from 1-3 … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Learnshop!

This week…

For those of who did not make yourselves sick on Valentine’s chocolates, or did, but still want so get their fix, we’ll be bringing: Just Dark, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt/Cayenne, and White/Coffee. See you at Barton Creek! Continue reading This week…


Well, Halloween is finally here!  I’m not sure how this goes for the rest of you, but my daughter has been updating me on its impending arrival for weeks — maybe months! Halloween can be a difficult time for those of us who are trying to eat good things (or those of us with food sensitivities).  It’s no … Continue reading Halloweeeen!


Now I know that I’m probably not supposed to pick a favorite, but I’m only human and I am flawed.  I can’t help it if I LOOOOOVE ginger and lemon and sea salt and chocolate!  Then put them together and ooh my goodness.  Anyway, I’m hoping that our other flavors, Goji and Just Dark won’t … Continue reading Gggiiinnngggeeerrr