The Ingredients

The information listed here can be found easily with a simple google search. We are not trying to tout Crubom as a health food. We simply want to provide the healthiest chocolate that we can and firmly believe that it can be beneficial. As with anything, chocolate should be eaten in moderation, but we believe that the healthy daily dose of chocolate is real. So go ahead, add this to your morning or evening self-care ritual.

Our chocolate ingredients:

  • Raw organic cacao butter (Peru) and powder (Netherlands)
    • It is beginning to look as if most of the negative attributes of chocolate really come from the process and additives. When left unheated, it is much higher in antioxidants (including the ones that famously make us feel really happy after eating chocolate) and the natural omegas are not destroyed. In fact, some of the things that chocolate has gotten a bad rap for, like weight gain, tooth decay and contributing to diabetes, may be improved by cacao in its true form.
    • sourced from Wilderness Family Naturals/Wildly Organic 
    • Fair trade and Non-GMO verified!
  • Cold-pressed organic coconut oil
    • Coconut oil is thought to decrease hunger and reduce blood-cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart disease. Its fatty acids may even increase brain function in Alzheimer’s patients. The lauric acid that makes up a significant amount of its fatty acids is known to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.
    • Non-GMO verified!
  • Good Flow local honey
    • Honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It provides a small amount of a wide array of nutrients and also boosts energy and memory.