The Packaging

First let me say that packaging has been the biggest challenge that Crubom has faced. Not only are sustainable packaging options very limited in general, but if you are operating and ordering on a small scale as we do, it is slim pickings. That being said, these are the best products that I have found to date and I'm happy to share their info with you, not just so that you can understand what goes into packing all this bom, but so that if you, too, are a small business owner in search of better, kinder packaging- well, here it is:

Our bars and special events {catered} boms are wrapped using EcoCraft butcher paper, the only compostable food packaging of its kind.

  • Made with FDA food-grade, 100% unbleached, chlorine-free paper
  • Packed in 100% recycled paperboard inner-carton and tray dispenser packaging to reduce raw-material waste
  • Soy-blended dry wax on interfolded sheets reduce reliance on petroleum wax

Our poucos and retail boms are wrapped in plant-based biodegradable cellophane made from renewable trees grown in FSC and PEFT certified sustainably managed forests.

All of our zipper pouches and labels comply with both American and European compost standards (EU 13432 and ASTM D6400) and are certified for both home and industrial composting. The labels are tree-free, made from sugarcane waste, and in addition to being compostable are made with recycle-compatible adhesive.

Our shipping supplies are all either 100% post-consumer recycled and biodegradable, or compostable plant-based bioplastic! 

To summarize, about 95% of everything we use for packaging is earth conscious. That last 5% will go away as soon as we use up those particular labels, because it wouldn't be very kind to mama earth if we just threw them away, would it?