Weena does special orders!

2 thoughts on “Weena does special orders!”

  1. I bought one Crubom…ginger, lemon zest at the cheese shop this morning….so delicious.
    Back in Houston and ready to turn around and go back to Austin for more. Noticed that you
    did a workshop in Feb..do you have anymore on the books? Are you in Houston….have to admit I thought it was extra delicious, just a little bit melted.
    Adele Bentsen


    1. Hi Adele!

      Ginger + Lemon Zest + Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is my absolute favorite!

      I do have another Learnshop scheduled for September 11. You may still be able to get a spot. Just contact Austin Learnshop and they’ll give you all the details.

      I’m not in Houston but am happy to ship there! It’s easier and less expensive to you to ship in the winter (as otherwise I have to pack in a cooler), but I also make a spreadable jar that I can easily ship year round. It’s the same chocolate, only you don’t have to worry about the temperature sensitivity. I know it’s a bit inconvenient how easily Crubom melts, but we decided that it was more important to us to keep the chocolate raw than to make it shelf stable.

      So great to hear your feedback, and if you’d ever like me to ship you some chocolate, shoot me an email (crubomboms@gmail.com). I can make some pretty adorable gift boxes for Christmas, by the way!



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