Made for everyone

{raw good}

Just a mom and pop who think everyone should have a little chocolate bom in their lives...

especially if it comes with a healthy dose of magnesium/trace minerals, healthy fats and just a bit of energizing raw local honey

Both healthy and delicious! Just the best.

-KC McDaniel, owner of Conscious Goods, Austin

Redefines the feeling of getting chocolate on Valentine's Day

Remi Almani, Austin

One bom a day keeps the blues at bay

Diana Patrick, El Paso

“Crubom is my favorite chocolate. The texture is rich and velvety, and I love the unique flavors (not to mention the buzz I get from the raw cacao). With organic ingredients like raw organic cacao, local honey, and coconut oil, it’s a healthy, tasty treat that I feel good eating. I’m totally addicted.”

Jessie Kempf, Laguna Beach

Made with simple, organic ingredients that do no harm:

{raw organic fair trade cacao, organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, local honey}

Packaged in plant-based cellophane, compostable bioplastic and sugarcane, so you can worry less about your carbon footprint and more about getting that chocolate stain off your collar.

Cru Gift

All of our chocolate comes to you in lovely recycled packaging, but you can also have your chocolate gift-wrapped in a flour sack dish towel for an additional $5

Wrap it up