About Us

My name is Christina but friends call me Weena.
I am a work from home mama slowly but sustainably building a business.
The Cru Bom family is a family of eaters, living it up in food-friendly Central Texas. What we eat has varied greatly over the years, due to food sensitivities and autoimmune issues. Cru Bom was originally developed for my oldest daughter, Morgan, who has a dairy allergy. My goal was to make a non-milk chocolate that was still rich and creamy. And while I have to admit that it was not a complete win for Morgan, enough people told me I should sell it that eventually I decided to go for it. From the start, we've prioritized good ingredients, small batches, and sustainability. The chocolate is only organic, fair trade: cacao and coconut oil,  and raw local honey. And our packaging {shipping materials included} is compostable wherever possible, and 100% post consumer recycled/recyclable when not. 
Our mission is to make chocolate that everyone can eat and feel good about.